Hourly Fee-Based Financial Consultations When You Need Advice

Questions, questions…

Here are some I have helped clients answer:

  • Given the current state of the economy, can I afford to retire?
  • I manage my own investments, but am I doing so wisely?
  • I’m retired, how can I be sure of having enough to live on tomorrow?
  • My parents passed away, what’s the best way to transfer their IRAs?
  • I’m getting divorced, how will that impact my financial picture?
  • My husband passed away, can you help me understand my finances?
  • How can I be a better, smarter manager of my inheritance?
  • If I change jobs or get laid off, what should I do about my 401k?
  • Is a Roth-IRA conversion a good decision if I have to pay taxes now?

To answer your questions, and help you navigate major life changes successfully, I offer effective, practical, fee-based hourly consultations.

A one to two hour session, backed by my 25+ years of financial experience, may provide you with:

  • Impartial, practical advice to secure your financial future
  • A new perspective based on decades of experience
  • A valuable second opinion from a trustworthy source

The goal of an one or two hour consultation is to offer clarity, certainty, and confidence for you – make all the difference. Together, we can craft a smart, logical plan of action.


Call today 1-800-675-6171 to see if a consultation is right for you.