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The Black Hole of Estate Planning
IRAs, 401(k)s are Different

lRA, 401(k) & ROTH-IRA accounts must be handled very differently than other non-retirement assets. Informed and timely decisions by both the participant and the beneficiary are required or the “IRS wins!” Knowing what to do and when is critical in avoiding costly penalties and taxes. This presentation will cover how to take advantages of opportunities that are often overlooked and maximize tax deferral over many decades. Mr. Rubins provides a road map you need for your clients to inherit these retirement accounts.

The presentation will cover:

  • Latest IRA tax rulings – Big change for inherited IRAs
  • New Beneficiaries for Same Sex Marriage
  • Plan for the Widow(er) “Tax Penalty” – make Roth-lRAs more appealing
  • lRAs and 401(k)s are different
  • Naming a Trust as Beneficiary is easy. Making it work is not!
  • Often overlooked – Special tax breaks for beneficiaries
  • Road Map for Beneficiaries Inheriting lRAs, 401(k)s & Roth-lRAs
  • How to avoid paying 50% penalty after missing RMDs
  • An lncentive to stay married for the benefit of:
  • The Surviving Spouse & their
  • Successor Beneficiaries 


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